Welcome to the Parish of Clayton in Bradford

The official website of Clayton Parish Council.  We hope you find the website an invaluable and informative resource of essential information and local news.  As your council, we are here to serve the Clayton community and welcome you to any of our open meetings to engage in discussion and local decision making.

For further information please email the Parish Clerk, Claire Hepton.

Councillors of the Parish Council are residents of the Clayton area and represent your views on the local Council - find out more about your local Councillors.  

We welcome community participation and warmly invite you to attend any of our public meetings to discuss local matters.  Agenda's and Minutes of meetings will be posted on to the website for your information and a calendar of events is available so you can save the date...

We encourage local groups and organisations to engage in activities that support residents of Clayton.  As such, we provide Grant Aid for deserving causes that add value and benefit to the local community.  Find out more about applying for Grant Aid to support your local scheme or initiative. 

Who are your Councillors

Clayton Parish Council has 13 Councillors. Their role is to represent your views and any issues you may have about the local community.

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What’s on

Keep up to date with local events and meetings. Come along and get involved in local decision making and make a difference.

Parish Council Events

Support for Grant Aid

Grant Aid is available for local voluntary and not-for-profit organisations. Submit your full application for assessment and consideration to the Council.

Apply for Grant Aid