Frequently asked questions!

Below are a number of questions that are often asked.  If you have any questions about the Council, the services we provide or to apply for Grant Aid please get in touch with the Parish Council Clerk.

How does the Council make decisions?

The Parish Council is made up of 13 Councillors who cover two wards, Clayton East and Clayton West and a Parish Clerk who deals with all the financial and administration of the Parish Council.

The Council meets regularly to make decisions on the work and direction of the Council.  As an elected body the Parish Council is responsible to the people they represent, the local community of Clayton.

The Council has a Planning Committee which views and discusses local planning applications and makes comment to the City of Bradford Metropolitan Council's Planning Service.

Attending a Council meeting is the best way to find out what we do and details of meetings are displayed here, as well as the Parish Council notice board, which is located in the grounds of Clayton Library, on the notice board in Clayton Village Hall and in local shops in the area.

 Where does the Council obtain its funding?

The majority of funding comes from Claton residents.  This funding is collected via Council Tax payments made to Bradford Metropolitan District Council who collect it on our behalf.  The payment that we receive is agreed at the full Parish Council meeting in January each year.  Accordingly, the Parish Council notified Bradford Metropolitan District Council who add the amount the Council Tax bills.  This payment is known as the precept. 


How can I become a Councillor?

Every four years, Parish Council hold elections.  Clayton Parish Council has a total of 13 Councillors who will be elected in May 2015.  If the total number of Councillors is not elected via the voting system then the Parish Council will advertise for local residents to come forward for co-option on to the Parish Council.  For further information please visit he "Be a Councillor" website.  To express your interest please email your CV and a covering letter explaining your skills which will contribute to being a good Councillor to



Ask the Clerk!!

If you have any questions, please get in touch with the Parish Council Clerk and we will respond to you as soon as possible.  Click here to email the Clerk.