Meetings of the Full Parish Council

29/07/2021AgendaMinutes - draft
28/06/2021AgendaMinutes - approved
20/05/2021AgendaAnnual Parish meeting
20/05/2021AgendaMinutes - approvedAnnual Meeting of the Parish Council
29/03/2021AgendaMinutes - approved
18/03/2021AgendaMinutes - approved
21/01/2021AgendaMinutes - approved
16/07/2020AgendaMinutes - Draft
21/11/2019AgendaMinutes - approved
19/09/2019AgendaMinutes - draft
18/07/2019AgendaMinutes DRAFT
16/05/2019Annual Parish Meeting agendaParish meeting
16/05/2019AgendaAnnual meeting
12/02/2019AgendaMinutes - draft
17/01/2019AgendaMinutes - approved
08/11/2018AgendaMinutes - approved
27/09/2018AgendaMinutes - approved
19/07/2018AgendaMinutes - approved
17th May 2018Annual Parish Meeting advert- May 2018Minutes - draftParish Meeting
17th May 2018 Agenda Minutes - approvedAnnual Meeting of the Parish Council
15th March 2018AgendaMinutes - approved
18th January 2018AgendaMinutes - approved
16th November 2017AgendaMinutes - approved
21st September 2017AgendaMinutes - approved
20th July 2017AgendaMinutes - approved
18th May 2017Agenda Minutes - draft
11th May 2017AgendaMinutes - approvedAnnual Parish Meeting
16th March 2017AgendaMinutes - approved
19th January 2017AgendaMinutes - approved
17th November 2016AgendaMinutes - approved
22nd September 2016AgendaMinutes - approved
21st July 2016AgendaMinutes - approved
19th May 2016Agenda Minutes - annual meeting. ApprovedAnnual Meeting of the Parish Council
19th May 2016Agenda
Minutes - draftAnnual Parish Meeting
17th March 2016AgendaMinutes - approved
21st January 2016AgendaMinutes - approved
1st December 2015AgendaMINUTES - ApprovedExtraordinary Meeting
19th NovemberAgendaMINUTES - Approved
17th September 2015AgendaMINUTES - Approved-
27th July 2015AgendaMINUTES - ApprovedExtraordinary Meeting
16th July 2015Agenda

Sup Agenda item
MINUTES - Approved
21st May 2015Agenda MINUTES - DraftAnnual Parish Meeting
21st May 2015Agenda MINUTES - ApprovedAnnual Meeting
19th March 2015Agenda MINUTES - Approved
15 January 2015AgendaMINUTES - Approved
20 November 2014AgendaMINUTES - Approved
13 October 2014 Extraordinary meetingAgendaMINUTES - Approved
18 September 2014AgendaMINUTES - Approved
24 July 2014AgendaMINUTES - Approved
8 May 2014AgendaMINUTES - ApprovedAnnual Meeting
8th May 2014Agenda MINUTES - DraftAnnual Parish Meeting
All downloads are in pdf format.

Future meeting dates

17th January 2019
7:00pm - Full Parish Council Meeting 

21st March 2019

7:00pm - Full Parish Council Meeting

 16th May 2019
7:00pm - Full Parish Council Meeting

 18th July 2019
7:00pm - Annual meeting of the Parish Council 

19th September 2019

7.00pm - Full Parish Council meeting

21st November 2019

7.00pm - Full Parish Council meeting

 Please contact the Clerk directly for specific information.  Please note that a Police Liaison Meeting will take place at 6:30pm before each Parish Council meeting.

All members of the public are very welcome to attend the meetings to raise matters of interest or concern.

Details of all Parish Council meetings and events are available in the online diary