Planning Committee

The Planning Committee receive information from Bradford Metropolitan Council to make a considered opinion.  Whilst the overall Planning approval firmly sits with Bradford Metropolitan Council, the Parish Council makes recommendations based on each planning application.

Notes of Planning meetings are recorded and detailed below.

Meetings of the Planning Committee

07/10/2019Agenda - approved
01/07/2019Agenda Minutes - draft
29/4/2019Agenda Minutes - approved
1/4/2019AgendaMinutes -approved
04/03/2019AgendaMinutes - draft
05/02/2019AgendaMinutes - approved
28/01/2019AgendaMinutes - approved
03/12/2018AgendaMinutes - approved
04/06/2018AgendaMinutes - approved
01/05/2018AgendaMinutes - draft
03/04/2018AgendaMinutes - approved
05/03/2018AgendaMinutes - draft
12/02/2018AgendaMinutes - approved
05/02/2018AgendaMinutes - approved
27/11/2017AgendaMinutes - draft
06/11/2017AgendaMinutes - approved
02/10/2017AgendaMinutes - draft
25/09/2017AgendaMinutes - draft
04/09/2017Agenda Minutes - approved
07/08/2017Agenda Minutes - approved
03/07/2017Agenda Minutes - approved
19/06/2017Agenda Minutes - approved
05/06/2017Agenda Minutes - draft
08/05/2017Agenda Minutes - approved
10/04/2017Agenda Minutes - approved
03/04/2017Agenda Minutes - approved
06/03/2017Agenda Minutes - draft
06/02/2017Agenda Minutes - draft
10/01/2017AgendaDraft -
19/12/2016AgendaMinutes - draft
05/12/2016AgendaMinutes - approved
31/10/2016AgendaMinutes - approved
05/09/2016Agenda Minutes
19/07/2016Agenda MINUTES
21/06/2016Agenda MINUTES
19/04/2016Agenda Minutes
11/04/2016Agenda Minutes - approved
15/03/2016Agenda MINUTES - Approved
18/02/2016Agenda MINUTES - Approved
28/01/2016AgendaMINUTES - Approved
12/01/2016Agenda MINUTES - Approved
30/11/2015Agenda MINUTES - Approved
21/09/2015Agenda MINUTES- Approved
01/09/2015Agenda MINUTES - Approved
03/08/2015Agenda MINUTES - Approved
22/06/2015AgendaMINUTES - Approved
08/06/2015AgendaMINUTES - Approved
20/04/2015Agenda MINUTES - Approved
16/03/2015Agenda MINUTES - Approved
02/03/2015AgendaMINUTES - Approved
09/02/2015AgendaMINUTES - Approved
12/01/2015AgendaMINUTES - Approved
All downloads are in PDF format