Internal Control (Finance) Committee

The Council shall consider and approve financial regulations drawn up by the Finance Committee and Responsible Financial Officer, which shall include detailed arrangements in respect of the following:

  • the accounting records and systems of internal control;
  • the assessment and management of financial risks faced by the Council;
  • the work of the Internal Auditor and the receipt of regular reports from the Internal Auditor, which shall be required at least annually;
  • the inspection and copying by Councillors and local electors of the Council’s accounts and/or orders of payments;
  • procurement policies, including the setting of values for different procedures where the contract has an estimated value of less than £30,000 excluding VAT.

Meetings of the Internal Control Committee will commence in May 2016 following the appointment of a new council for the financial year 2016/17.  Details of Agenda's and Minutes will appear below.

Meetings of the Finance Committee

23/08/2016 AgendaMinutes - approved
19/12/2016AgendaMinutes - draft
03/04/2017Agenda Minutes - draft
11/05/2017Agenda Minutes - draft
05/06/2017 AgendaMinutes - draft
07/08/2017Agenda Minutes - draft
09/01/2018Agenda Minutes - approved
10/05/2018AgendaMinutes - draft
02/07/2018AgendaMinutes - approved
01/10/2018Agenda Minutes - draft
13/12/2018AgendaMinutes - approved
04/02/2018AgendaMinutes - draft
08/04/2019Agenda Minutes - draft
07/05/2019AgendaMinutes - approved
07/10/2019AgendaMinutes - draft
02/12/2019Agendaminutes - draft
19/12/2019AgendaMinutes - draft
9/1/2020AgendaMinutes - draft
2/3/2020AgendaMinutes - draft
All downloads are in pdf format.

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Financial Regulations
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In the meantime please contact the Parish Clerk for further information.


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