Westminster Avenue Development

Dismay by residents to proposed development off Westminster Avenue

Residents from Westminster Avenue and surrounding areas came out in force to show their objection to the proposed Barratt David Wilson Homes development.  The scale of the objection came to the attention of the T&A - T&A article

Over 150 people attended a consultation event, arranged by Barratt Homes, at Clayton Village Hall.  Cllr Chris Kaushal-Bolland, Chairman of Clayton Parish Council, and other Parish Councillors were also in attendance and spoke with the vast majority of residents who visited the consultation.  

Cllr Kaushal-Bolland said "All the people who he had spoken with were extremely unhappy and dismayed by the planning proposals".  

The planning proposal is set to go for full planning approval by Bradford Metropolitan Council in due course for 95 homes, including a mixture of three and four-bedroom terraces, and smaller three and four-bedroom detached houses.  The Planning Committee of Clayton Parish Council have already met to discuss the proposals and unanimously voted against the proposed development and would be making its views known if a formal planning application is submitted for final consideration by Bradford Council.

Cllr Kaushal-Bolland said “Clayton still has a village infrastructure and a development of 95 homes in the designated location is completely inappropriate.  There are families who have lived here for generations who are struggling to get their children into local schools, and this will not help.  We recognise people have to live somewhere, but the site and scale of this development is completely out of character and absolutly wrong.”

The Parish Council have been informed that local residents are forming a protest group and will be meeting to set out an Action Plan over the coming days.  A spokesperson for the Action Group said “We have already got over 50 active members and have secured the expertise of a specialist lawyer to assist with our objective to get this proposal refused”.

Public meeting held by Barratt David Wilson Homes

Proposed housing development in Clayton

On Tuesday 7th March 2017 there will be a public presentation from Barratt Homes.  It will take place in the Village Hall from 3.30pm - 7pm.  The exhibition will take the form of a drop in event with members of the development team available to discuss the displayed proposals with attendees. No formal planning application to Bradford Council has been submitted at this stage. As with all planning applications that apply to Clayton the planning committee will meet to discuss these and comment back to Bradford Council accordingly. We will notify you once said application is received by the clerk.

You view the full details here Barratt David Wilson Homes.


Public meeting – Clayton Library

Public Meeting - Clayton Library

On Tuesday 17th January 2017, Clayton Parish Council held a public meeting into the future of Clayton Library.  The meeting was attended by 70 local residents to listen to the update from Council Chairman, Cllr Chris Kaushal-Bolland.  A significant number of expressions of interest have been provided by members of the public offering their time to volunteer in the library.  Cllr Kaushal-Bolland provided a 30-minute presentation, sharing the vision for future library provision in Clayton as well as informing that Clayton Community Association would become the Responsible Body.

It is proposed that Clayton Community Association will work in partnership with Clayton Parish Council to establish a 'Library Oversight Group' who will be responsible for the monitoring and strategic management of library provision in Clayton.  In addition, Cllr Kaushal-Bolland proposed that some library refurbishment would be required and a new Parish Council funded role would be created.  This new role would be an Asst Clerk / Volunteer Co-ordinator - the role will assist the existing Parish Clerk and Finance Officer and also co-ordinate the library volunteers.  

The proposals will now go the full Parish Council meeting for discussion on Thursday 19th January.  If the proposals and plans are approved then work will commence on the agreement and signing of a Service Level Agreement following commencement of refurbishment work to create an open plan office space in the library.  In addition, a Terms of Reference for the 'Oversight Group' will be developed and it is likely that the new role will be advertised in February/March with a view to commencing in April 2017.  The first Library Oversight Group will meet in April 2017.

Further information and updates will be provided on a regular basis, on Facebook and the website.  A copy of the presentation can be downloaded here.