Get involved with Clayton Library

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Clayton Library is now under a new style of management.  Helen Rankin, the Volunteer Co-ordinator is seeking volunteers to work in the Library a few hours per week or bi-weekly which ever suits your own schedule.  

Helen will be delighted to hear from you and will be able to provide information on the training provided and the process to start volunteering.

To contact Helen call on 07542 177228.



New Councillors and re-election of Chairman for Council

Parish Council re-elects Chairman and Vice-Chairman
 19 May 2017 | News

At the Annual Meeting of the Parish Council Cllr Chris Kaushal-Bolland was re-elected as Chairman for the following 12-months.  Also re-elected as Vice-Chairman was Cllr James Vasey.

Cllr Kaushal-Bolland thanked all Councillors for their hard work and continued support over the past 12-months and said "It has been my absolute pleasure to serve as Chairman and I look forward to another year ahead working with the Parish Council to complete the work that we have started."

Three new Councillors for Clayton

Mr John Andrew, Mr Philip Boyle and Mr Verinder Dharni have been co-opted onto Clayton Parish Council.  

Annual Parish Meeting

The Chairman of the Parish Council cordially invites residents of Clayton to the Annual Parish Meeting.  The meeting will take place on Thursday 11th May 2017 at 6pm.

The Agenda for the meeting is available on the Meetings page for your information.

The Chairman will present his annual report followed by an update from the Finance Officer who will provide a financial summary of the accounts for 2016/17.

The Community Policing Team will be present to provide an update and answer questions from members of the public.

This year is the first year of Clayton Youth Council who will present an update of their work and some priority issues for our younger residents.

In addition, recipients of Grant Aid funding in 2016/17 will share the benefits and result of receiving funding.

Members of the public will have an opportunity to address the meeting and share any issues of concern that they may have.  Priority will be given to any questions submitted in advance to the Parish Clerk via email to or via telephone at 07812 584615.