Public meeting – Clayton Library

Public Meeting - Clayton Library

On Tuesday 17th January 2017, Clayton Parish Council held a public meeting into the future of Clayton Library.  The meeting was attended by 70 local residents to listen to the update from Council Chairman, Cllr Chris Kaushal-Bolland.  A significant number of expressions of interest have been provided by members of the public offering their time to volunteer in the library.  Cllr Kaushal-Bolland provided a 30-minute presentation, sharing the vision for future library provision in Clayton as well as informing that Clayton Community Association would become the Responsible Body.

It is proposed that Clayton Community Association will work in partnership with Clayton Parish Council to establish a 'Library Oversight Group' who will be responsible for the monitoring and strategic management of library provision in Clayton.  In addition, Cllr Kaushal-Bolland proposed that some library refurbishment would be required and a new Parish Council funded role would be created.  This new role would be an Asst Clerk / Volunteer Co-ordinator - the role will assist the existing Parish Clerk and Finance Officer and also co-ordinate the library volunteers.  

The proposals will now go the full Parish Council meeting for discussion on Thursday 19th January.  If the proposals and plans are approved then work will commence on the agreement and signing of a Service Level Agreement following commencement of refurbishment work to create an open plan office space in the library.  In addition, a Terms of Reference for the 'Oversight Group' will be developed and it is likely that the new role will be advertised in February/March with a view to commencing in April 2017.  The first Library Oversight Group will meet in April 2017.

Further information and updates will be provided on a regular basis, on Facebook and the website.  A copy of the presentation can be downloaded here.